Fanny Alavoine - French artist based in the Netherlands

An avid rock climber for as long as I can remember, I ended up in the Netherlands. Here, in the flattest country on Earth, I developed an introspective, intimate & playful photography practice.

From a very young age, I was trained to vigorously push my own limits in everything I did. Rock climbing was intense in that way. Diving deep into a practice became a behavioral pattern, recognizable throughout my life: during my graphic design studies at ESAAT in Roubaix, (France), in my job as a designer, in my yoga practice and in all of my art projects.


When I recently started longing for a more artistic practice, I picked up the tool I had been attracted to since childhood: my camera. Soon, I found myself pinpointing my most private thoughts and my deepest fears and doubts to turn them into my subjects. I realized that having a practice so personal would inevitably mean a journey into my own Self. So here I am, yet again, pushing my own limits. Creating art that feels intimate, introspective and liberating.


Welcome to my mind.


2020 | New Dutch Exhibition | Machinegebouw Westerpark Amsterdam

2019 | Objets Qui Content Et Qui Racontent | experimental musical instruments & photography



2020 | New Dutch | New dutch Photography Talent

2019 | Fresh Eyes | New European Photography Talent

2017 | Objets Qui et Qui Racontent | Photography Book

For print sales, exhibitions, questions, coffee or conversations, feel free to contact me directly.

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