Objets Qui Content Et Qui Racontent

For over 30 years, Thibaut Alavoine has been creating musical instruments made from atypical objects, like pots, pans, tubes, skis and ping pong balls. His universe is as rich in sounds and music as it is in forms and shapes. Objets Qui Content Et Qui Racontent is an abstract photography series based on his work, inviting you to discover a new perspective: aesthetic, spacious, abstract and surprisingly musical.


Additionally, in 2019, we created an exhibition where we invited the public to enter a forest of instruments animated by the wind, accompanied by photographs. Music and colors, sounds and shapes, notes and textures collided in a truly synesthetic experience.

All images © Fanny Alavoine | Do not reproduce without explicit written consent of Fanny Alavoine. NL002474083B64

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